piccoliegrandi06-low-2PICCOLI&grandi is growing up!

As from September 2014, we as PICCOLI&grandi will extend the education services to include a Scuola d’Infanzia too.

In a newly refurbished wide space next to the Nido, we will welcome up to 24 children from 3 to 6 year of age. PICCOLI&grandi will be a Bilingual Kindergarden / Scuola d’Infanzia Paritaria.

Along with a kitchen providing a varied menu consisting of only organic food, a large and beautiful garden is at the disposal of all PICCOLI&grandi children.

PICCOLI&grandi Nido and Scuola d’Infanzia is run by Spaziopensiero and its team of highly dedicated staff.

The Spaziopensiero pedagogical approach offers kids and parents a unique educational experience, where our pedagogical staff and parents are closely interlinked to ensure a child-centred and development-appropriate environment.



PICCOLI&grandi, ingresso da via Calatafimi 10 e via Santa Croce 15 – 20122 Milano – t. 02 39810995